Colin J Smith / Documentary & Production Stills Photographer

About me

I've had a camera in my hand from the moment my dad lent me a 35mm Pentax back in the 90's.

Since then i've had opportunities open up through other areas of work and production,  finding myself in the halls of No.10 as a primeminister takes power,  10ft at the bottom of a water tank with a full scale sunken WWII aircraft or out on location somewhere with the rest of a crew.


I'm now predominantly digital, though I will always have a 35mm or 120 camera in my kit. 


Unit / Production Stills

Capturing the collabrative efforts and bonds that grow the longer a production exists.

With a long working experience in various areas of production, allows me to understand the movement on set which is crucial to my success as a documentary photographer.  So that I may anticipate and capture those moments.   Be it capturing the emotions of the scene or the energy of the set, I am always striving to photograph the moments of a production.

Documentary and Event

Preserving the emotions and ambience of events as they unfold



I've photographed and festivals and been present for some historical events, always committed to capturing the essence of the situation in an unintrusive manor.  Dedicated to documenting the moments that make photography special.

Travel / Landscapes

the beauty of travel and the world around us



I'm not one for filters, AI or heavy distortion of the original colours of shots, I try to represent the beautif of where I travel and what I see.

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